Aluminum Enclosure

Rapid deploy fully enclosed aluminum/glass room enclosure. Versatile alternative to standard medical and emergency tents. Ideal for: hospitals, medical offices, banks, cubicles and retail.

Enclosure Glass Rooms Sizes in Stock

With the rapid spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), there will be a strain on our healthcare system. Portable testing/screening and containment CGP glass rooms can help take the burden off hospital systems while increasing safety and capacity for testing and care. These glass or plexiglass enclosures can be used as examination rooms or patient rooms.

CGP enclosed rooms feature an easy-to-assemble aluminum and glass construction fully enclosed with a plexiglass ceiling and LED panel light. The glass can be replaced with plexiglass for faster deployment.

  • Free Standing
  • Easy Demountable Structures
  • Easy to Install

All CGP Glass or Plexiglass Aluminum Cubicles and Medical Tents are made with a commercial-grade aluminum profile and 1/4-inch tempered safety glass or plexiglass. Assembling a CGP Enclosure requires basic carpentry tools and minimal construction experience.

Glazing, frame finishes and panel options are customizable. We offer a wide range of high-quality materials of various colors and designs. Please request a quote to get more detailed pricing for your particular project.

Custom sizes available.

  • Sizes(L x H)

  • 8' x 8' x 9'
  • 10' x 10' x 9'
  • 10' x 14' x 9'
  • Price

  • $4,750
  • $5,014
  • $5,398
  • Sizes(L x H)

  • 5' x 8' x 9'
  • 6' x 8' x 9'
  • 8' x 10' x 9'
  • Price

  • $3,958
  • $4,486
  • $4,882

Our work

Customize Your Walls


Glazing Available:

  • Single Glazed 3/8″ thick
  • Single Glazed 1/4″ thick
  • Double Glazed 1/4″ thick

Available Glazing Types:

  • Clear Tempered
  • Low Iron
  • Frosted Glass

Frame Finishes Available:

  • Clear Anodized
  • Matte Black RAL 9005
  • Glossy Black RAL 9004
  • White Semi-Matte RAL 9010

Panel Options:

  • Glass, Gypsum Board, Wood Veneer, Laminates

Partition systems have multiple customizable options available, click here for more technical details.

Compatible door options

  • Handle
  • Lock
  • 3 hinges
  • ¼ tempered glass
  • ¼ tempered glass
  • Lock
  • Handle
  • 3 hinges

All our systems usually come with doors. Complementing the partition systems, our range of doors is equally varied and includes swing doors, swing doors with sidelights, double swing doors and sliding doors. Electrical and network cables can be easily installed inside our hollow aluminum profiles.

Please see available doors options

How we work

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  3. Approval
  4. Payment
  5. Production
  6. Shipping
  7. Installation
  8. Project Support

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Aluminium glass partitions customized to your unique needs

As we emerge from the pandemic, health and safety are a top priority for businesses of all types. Our easy-install aluminium glass wall panels are a versatile alternative to mobile medical tents. They’re also perfect for any bank or retail outlet looking to encourage social distancing without decreasing customer interaction.

Glass or plexi-glass walls and ceilings will make for free-standing structures that are easy to assemble and pleasing to the eye. We will work with you to get the exact specifications you want and help you design the cubicle or examination room that suits your professional needs. 

Install an aluminium frame glass partition in your medical center

The healthcare system has been taxed lately, and portable medical services are more crucial than ever. Glass partitions provide a perfect alternative to medical tents for greater protection and professionalism. We want to help our healthcare workers by efficiently converting any hospital space into custom-sized negative pressure rooms, or take the service on the road with mobile medical enclosures. An aluminium glass partition is an affordable and efficient way to meet the demands of the current healthcare market.

Our partition systems will let you quickly install aluminium and glass medical rooms anywhere with minimal effort. Different types of glass are available for different purposes, such as frosted glass for increased privacy. Our systems also come with customized doors and LED light fixtures overhead. The glaze, frame finish, and panel options are customizable so you can have aluminum glass wall panels that suit your every need. 

Choose a glass partition with aluminium frame to protect your business

With glass wall enclosures, medical staff can easily monitor patients, and visitors can come to see loved ones without having to enter isolation units. For non-medical settings, you can protect your employees by encouraging social distancing and minimizing employee-customer interactions with glass partition cubicles and free-standing barriers. 

All of our enclosures are made with a commercial-grade aluminium profile and 1/4-inch tempered safety glass or plexi-glass. Assembly requires minimal construction experience and can be done quickly and easily.

Put safety first with aluminium glass walls

You can help your business reopen safely with an easy-to-use aluminium glass wall. Protect from splashes in medical settings and minimize in-person contact in officers and stores with plexi-glass or glass sneeze guards, washroom protective barriers, cubicle dividers, and more. Show your employees and customers that you care about their well-being, and minimize the spread of germs that could be costly to your business with aluminium frame glass partitions.