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Walls for healthcare

We have developed a special line of negative pressure isolation and operating rooms for medical institutions: doctors’ offices, medical centers, clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities

Aluminum/Plexiglass Room Enclosure - Medical tent alternative

These rooms can be customized to suit the needs of a hospital, offering different sizes and styles so you can convert a hospital space into a negative pressure room. Different glazes are available for different functions, such as clear glass for easy patient observation or frosted glass for maximal privacy

System options
1-Wall system
Choosing the 1-Wall System becomes essential when you have a three-wall area in your facility that requires effective isolation from the surrounding space
2-Wall system
The 2-Wall System optimizes corner spaces, offering customized solutions for added separation and versatility, maximizing space usage.
3-Wall system
The 3-wall system, or U-shaped configuration, maximizes efficiency with minimal wall space needed. Versatile and functional, it optimizes space and creates distinct areas.
Multi-Wall system
This system gives endless freedom of design and features soundproof qualities that allow numerous employees to work side by side without distraction.
Free-Standing (conference room)
CGP Conference Room System can be installed anywhere you like, does not require being attached to a wall
Panel options
Along with glass, you can use the following materials as part of the wall system
  • Glass
  • OSB
  • Polycarbonate
  • Aluminum Composite Sheet
  • PVC
  • Laminated MDF
Framing Options

Factory applied finishes

Our extruded aluminum profiles ensure sturdy construction and create attractive accents for your office solution. Whatever the dimensions of your facility, our glass partition systems offer space efficiency with a sleek and versatile design
Matte Black RAL 9005 DE
Glossy Black RAL 9004 QZ
Aluminum profile dimensions
Elevate your environment with our premium aluminum profiles designed for 1/4" or 3/8" glazing. Whether you're renovating your home or upgrading your office space, trust in our reliable solution to enhance your surroundings
  • Aluminum profile: 1-1/2″ x 2-1/2″
  • Glazed profile: 1-1/2″ x 3-3/16″
T-Bracket Connection Single Glazed System
T-Bracket Connection Double Glazed System
Bottom Bracket Connection
360 Corner Aluminum Profile
90 Corner Aluminum Profile
Door Profile
End Cap
Single Glazed System
Double Glazed System
Door’s options

You can add a door of your choice to your partition system

See door options
This product has not been evaluated by the Department of Health or the CDC. This product does not guarantee 100% protection against viruses. If you have any concerns about its ability to prevent the spreading of germs, you should consult with a professional in this field.
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Negative pressure rooms keep patients, visitors, and employees safe

The healthcare sector is bursting at the seams, and all providers of healthcare services know how important it is to keep patients and staff safe while providing the highest quality care possible. Negative pressure hospital rooms work by using ventilation systems to keep potentially contaminated air in an isolated space without preventing medical staff from caring for patients.

CGP has developed a special line of negative pressure isolation rooms and operating rooms for medical institutions. These rooms can be customized to suit the needs of any hospital, offering different sizes and styles so you can convert any hospital space into a negative pressure room quickly and easily. Different glazes are available for different functions, such as clear glass for easy patient observation or frosted glass for maximal privacy.


Cross-contamination is always a risk in medical centers, and hospitals must do all they can to serve patients without putting staff at risk. Negative air pressure rooms serve to keep contagious patients safely distanced while still allowing staff to observe their well-being. Glass walls allow visitors to come and see their loved ones so patients can be kept in necessary isolation without actually being isolated.

All of our medical enclosures come with commercial-grade aluminum profiles and quarter-inch tempered safety glass or plexi-glass, but they can be customized to your specifications so you get the design and materials you need.


Any hospitals looking to upgrade their facilities should look to glass-paneled isolation rooms to ensure patients feel as comfortable as possible. Hospital staff can easily monitor a patient without having to enter each isolation unit individually, reducing the risk of contamination for both employees and other patients.

CGP’s customized medical enclosures are manufactured to order in the United States. Our wall systems are sturdy and easy-to-assemble even with minimal construction knowledge. Single wall systems are perfect for dividing existing medical rooms, while multi-wall systems can be assembled anywhere to turn an open space into an isolation room.


CGP offers a variety of panel, frame, material, and glaze options to make sure you are getting the exact look and functionality you need. We want to help the front lines of the healthcare industry with our professional and easy-to-install wall systems at a low cost. Our consultants will help you with your design and assist with installation to make sure you have a painless remodeling process. Contact us today to discuss your options so you can build just the facility you are looking for.