CGP's Soundproof Partition Walls

Product Features

  1. Custom Design
  2. Easy-to-Install
  3. Wide variety of materials
  4. Fast turnaround time

CGP offers two solutions for soundproof glass office partitions to eliminate sound in enclosed spaces.

Based on our experience of installing partitions in offices, soundproofing is highest in partitions with double-glazing CGP's Double-Glazed Partition Walls or made of thicker glass panels CGP's All-Glass Soundproof Partition Walls.

A comfortable environment in the office is considered when the sound level in the room is not more than 30 dB..

Usually, there are two types of noise in the workplace - internal and external. Sound waves are measured in decibels. For example, a conversation in a whisper equates to 20 dB, and a conversation between two people in a medium tone equates to 40 dB. Well, a loud conversation in a group will already correspond to 55 dB.

CGP will be happy to help you to find the perfect noise-insulating solution for:

  • Conference Room
  • Enclosed Workspace
  • Home Office
  • Office Phone Booth
  • Meeting Pod

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