CGP's Double-Glazed partition walls

Product Features

  1. Up to 11 ft height
  2. 3-7/8" width
  3. Soundproofing up to 40 dB
  4. Lead time 3 weeks

CGP's Double-Glazed partition walls are insulated with an EPDM gasket. A space of air between the two sheets of 1/4" glass provides the system with excellent soundproofing.

We offer:

  • Custom solutions at the manufacturer's price
  • Quality control at all stages from the creation of the project to the installation process
  • Warranty on the aluminum profiles for 3 years
  • The price of glass and aluminum partitions remains comfortable and affordable compared with partitions made of sheetrock or foam blocks
Image Double-Glazed System with 1/4" glass

Our work

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