CGP's All-Glass Soundproof Partition Walls

Product Features

  1. Up to 9 ft height
  2. 3-3/16" width
  3. Soundproofing up to 35-40 dB
  4. Lead time 3 weeks

CGP's All-Glass Soundproof Partition Walls are made with 3/8" thick glass, that performs excellent noise insulation. The structure is designed with no vertical mullions and remains stable and safe. Floor-to-ceiling glass panels featuring a simple and clean concept of interior design.

CGP's All-Glass Soundproof Partition Walls' benefits:

  • Excellent noise insulation
  • Visual lightness of construction
  • Maximum light transparency
  • Constructional reliability

Soundproof partition walls are the ideal solution for dividing the workspace into separate offices, meeting rooms, and work areas. High soundproofing allows you to do your business peacefully without distracting extraneous noise.


Our work

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