Acrylic Barriers

CGP offers cost-effective and easy-to-install acrylic protective guards that can help resume businesses after a pandemic in a safe and healthy environment.


Use crystal clear plexiglass/acrylic shields to implement social distancing and help maintain physical separation between your employees and customers. Quick and easy assembly with no tools needed. Freestanding countertop design does not require permanent installation or additional hardware. These are the suitable protective shields for offices, stores, groceries, front desk receptions, salons, teacher desks, counseling centers, & all other work environments. We have a variety of styles to choose from. Pick the guard that suits your workspace best!

Custom sizes available. Request a quote for more details.

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Acrylic protective guards

Acrylic screens help to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases while maintaining customer experience. Ideal for providing additional protection to cashiers, front desk and hospitality employees. These guards are made of scratch resistant material which is a lightweight, shatter-resistant alternative for glass. Excellent free-standing solutions for any flat surface. The structure is portable and requires no installation.
  • Sizes (L x H)

  • 23” x 23”
  • 23” x 29”
  • 29” x 29”
  • 32” x 29”
  • 35” x 29”
  • Price

  • $54.31
  • $62.73
  • $84.78
  • $87.86
  • $89.72

Custom sizes available. Request a quote for more details.

Acrylic guards features:

  • 3/16" Laser Cut Clear Acrylic
  • 4.5” or 8” Tall Opening
  • Easy Assembly
  • Robust Packaging
  • Great transparency

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Acrylic Barrier Shield Benefits in the Workplace

Acrylic barrier shields can be used in many different ways, from walls to split up a workspace for protection in a medical setting. More recently, with the Covid-19 Pandemic, barrier shields have become necessary to create a barrier between individuals.

Acrylic Barrier Shield Construction and Uses in the Workplace

So what is an acrylic barrier shield made from? Most are made of a specific type of acrylic called polymethyl methacrylate, a fancy name for perspex or Plexiglas. This material can be made into large sheets, which form the acrylic barrier shields that can be moulded into different shapes and sizes as needed. 

Sizeable acrylic barrier shields are most commonly used in an office environment. They provide an open plan feel to office space by allowing natural light to pass through while simultaneously providing that much-needed separation from colleagues. 

These workplace protection barriers can also be mobile; this is perfect if you need to quickly make a separate area, such as an office atmosphere, to create a makeshift conference room. These guards are made of scratch-resistant material, which is a shatter-resistant alternative to glass.

Acrylic barrier shields work well in medical practices to make separate consultation spaces or to create an isolation area to help keep patients and doctors safe from contamination.  

Freestanding Acrylic Table Shields and Counter Shields 

Free-standing acrylic table shields are a great way to save on space and guard you against different circumstances. For example, nail salons have started using free-standing table shields to protect their clientele from breath particles falling onto their hands while working on their nails. 

An acrylic protective shield can also be used in office spaces to separate different people’s workspace; it’s a cost-effective way of having separate desks or cubicle spaces without buying separate tables. With an acrylic table shield, you can create several long tables with partitions to give individual working spaces.

Antibacterial Acrylic Counter Shield with Sneeze Guard Protection

Acrylic counter shields are another shield that is also perfect for the hospitality field, as staff can use them to protect them from any sick customers. For example, if someone were to sneeze, the particles and other respiratory droplets would hit the acrylic counter shield instead, making it easy to wipe away with antibacterials, thus containing the spread of any diseases.  

Counter shields are also being used more by retail units recently because of the recent Covid-19 outbreak. They have become a way for businesses to stay open as it helps them maintain social distancing rules while still keeping customer service a top priority. That’s why some counter shields have spaces cut out for hands to exchange products or money, making it easy and accessible for both staff and customers. 

Aluminum Framed Acrylic Shield For Table

Acrylic shields for tables are effective because they are detachable and can be moved wherever you would like. So if you are in a role where you don’t need a separate space all the time, these are perfect because you can put them up and down quickly, giving you total flexibility in your protection. 

You may not need a shield if you are alone in your consultation room doing paperwork. However, if you have a patient or customer, you can put this protective acrylic shield on your tabletop quickly and easily and help keep you and them safe. 

With an aluminum frame, shields are lightweight and secure the plexiglass whilst still allowing you to transport your countertop sneeze guard anywhere for maximum protection.